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Youth Festival 2022

Hello friends!

Welcome to my blog. Here I am going to share my experience about 30th Inter college Youth festival Amrut Rang Yuva Urja mahotsav 2022 at Maharaja KrishnaKumarSinhji Bhavnagar University. This year Takshshila institute of science and commerce became the host of a youth festival and arranged all things in the youth festival. So also discussed some critical points about drama, skit poetry essay, debate short film, mono acting, and elocution, etc; Throughout 19 to 21 September competition are going on. 

Kalayatra :

In the 18th,'kala yatra' at the water tank of Bhavnagar to Amphitheater. Started 4:30 and many colleges participated in kalayatra. And represent the department of English many things like posters of social media and English literature of many books.

  2. Major themes in dramatic events like one act play, skit,Mime, Mono Acting.

One act Play :

Vinod bhai Amlani Natyamanch in Start with Ashifa ek paheli this concept was very unique told about feminism and shurpankha and her point of view and draupadi and her feminism nice performance and very good acting vivah ek balatkar and acid attack on girls most important thing Rape but tragedy flash back with Ashifa.

Artificial intelligence:

Their are Engineer students one girl's father died and her one friend denied to go to burial and go to exam last paper five friend of her fight go to home or exam one side logic and one side emotions at the end they choose logic and all friends together they not go to home but they are ready to go exam.

Mono Acting :

Gauri and Jasiyo :

Childhood friends and they have an age gap. After some time he was going to the City for higher education he came to the village and Gauri ate poison and she died.

Rangmanch to Bollywood:

 This mono acting represents our department. Rangmanch to Bollywood -
Her journey and talk with Rangmunch kabuliwala to shakuntala Shantu Rangili to Bollywood.

5] On last day, before or after valedictory, all art events like cartooning, painting, collage, poster making, clay-modelling, installation will be open for public display. You can study themes, satire, didacticism, aestheticism in all these artistic expressions.

7] If you happens to watch short films and cinematic techniques used by students in making of film.

There are seven participants in short film. The films was made on various subject.

 Fake it till you make it.
Fake it till you make it is about Fake news and it's harmfulness. How politicians overpowered media. And how media is feared of politics. It was about current situation.

8)Lastly, write on whichever other events you attend and along with it, the overall feeling of experiencing Youth Festival - ponder upon this - it is known as 'festival of youthfulness' - युवानी का महोत्सव.

It's been great opportunity to be part of Youth Festival. We learned so many things, we made mistakes, we tackle problems, we loosed, and won, and try. In real sense it is a 'festival of youthfulness'

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